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Q: What advice can you give for penning the perfect Valentine's Day message?

A: Writing a poem on Valentine's Day is a chance to express yourself through words. To me, words have a soul, a truth and an element of timelessness. If you choose to write your own verse, you should gather your thoughts and think about how your relationship with the person has affected your life. All you need to do is to write from your heart and express what your emotions are.

Q: Any advice for picking a Valentine's Day card for the early stages of a relationship?

Susan Polis Schutz
Susan Polis Schutz

A: It's important to show affection and give cards and gifts on Valentine's Day during every stage of a relationship, but especially at the beginning, when you are not sure of each other. It is important that both people have similar feelings and intentions at the early stage of the relationship, and your card will reveal those intentions.

Q: Do you still write most of the poems for Blue Mountain Arts?

A: I am involved with all of the poems that Blue Mountain publishes, but we have many writers at Blue Mountain Arts in Boulder and around the country who bring their own visions and thoughts to our cards. My collaborative efforts writing and designing Blue Mountain Arts cards with Stephen is the foundation for my new book, Blue Mountain: Turning Dreams Into Reality, which I hope will help rising entrepreneurs and anyone with a dream.

Q: What kind of Valentine's Day cards did Jared give out in elementary school?

A: No answer.

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