The Beatdown

Hard work and lots of play make Bedz a very busy DJ.

The players are about to be introduced, which means it's time for Psycho and Bedz to go to work on the tables. Over the course of the next few hours, Bedz will feverishly work the 360 as the ball moves up and down the court. During a game, his intensity rarely subsides; he's totally immersed. When the Golden State Warriors have the ball, Bedz plays one of nine organs housed in the 360's memory. "No one ever scores," he points out, "when we play the Italy organ."

"Grant Hill is the only one who ever scored," interjects Psycho.

So why not play the organ every time the other team has the ball?

"If we play it out," Bedz says, "it might lose its effectiveness."

That's why he's the DJ and I'm the rapper.

Upbeats and beatdowns: A slew of out-of-towners are hosting events this week to mark All-Star Weekend; for a sampling of those parties, see Club Scout on page 117. (And before heading to any of them, be sure to check the LoDo street-closure map on page 87.) While many of the big bashes will feature imported talent, there are several opportunities for local star-gazing, too. On Thursday, February 17, Ground Zero Movement will be joined by RRAAHH Foundashun and Platinum Rush for the M.H.C. All-Star Bash at Bender's Tavern, while Yo, Flaco!, the Crunk Brothers and Freedom Movement set it off at the Soiled Dove. And at 3:30 p.m. Friday, February 18, Jeff Campbell, aka Apostle, and representatives from his Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition will perform at the Jordan Xxperience (a club built just for the weekend at 1825 Blake Street), with DJ Musa Bailey providing the beats.

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