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Q: Is the Denver literary scene as second-rate as some people perceive it to be?

A: I think our literary community is much more vibrant than anybody realizes -- even people in the business. I'm not saying we have the next Pulitzer Prize winner here locally -- or maybe we do -- but there's a huge community working and living here. To overlook them because they're not in New York, or wherever the magic place is, is a disservice.

Q: Are you concerned that Carmelo was chosen?

Roxanne Hawn
Roxanne Hawn

A: I'm not angry at the people or the decision, but I'm not sure people understand how strict the criteria are. The committee's hands are really tied. When I spoke with the mayor, he also told me there are other unspoken rules about sex, violence and the F-word. You look at modern literature, and somewhere there's going to be one of those three things. I know this is a community project, and I know they don't want to offend anyone, but I also think that rules out an awful lot. The mayor talks about The Rise of the Creative Class and the role we play in the sustainability of a modern city. But if we're so important, gosh, wouldn't it be nice to be acknowledged by the community in some way?

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