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Kings of the road show return.

For tickets, $29.95 to $42.95, or more information, call 720-214-5630 or visit -- Debra A. Meyers

Kickball Kickoff
Show your team spirit at the hi-dive.
SUN, 4/3

It's kickball season! Pull out your shortest shorts and Pumas and line up against the wall!

The eight Denver Kickball Coalition teams will draft players tonight at the hi-dive, 7 South Broadway. Notorious provocateur Sid Pink will oversee the proceedings, ensuring that all last-minute trades and negotiations are on the up-and-up. Except, of course, that some potential players have already scoped out the possibilities and will be cutting deals to get on the coolest teams with the best-looking uniforms.

Danny's Angels are playing in blue and white (although not all of the players will be ladies); The Hell Marys are in heavenly green and yellow; Hessian Nation -- led by the one and only DKBC commish, Joe Phillips -- are back in black; the Hot Links are rocking pink and black; Mohawk Iron Skulls are in blue and green; Natural Twenty will be protected by +3 yellow and blue robes (yeah, they're D&Ders coming out of the basement); the Nine-to-Fivers will be wearingŠsuits; and Team hi-dive won't divulge.

Get a jump on the competition and register at www.dkbc. org before 8 p.m., when the fun kicks off at the hi-dive. You don't want to be the last one picked again, do you? -- Amy Haimerl

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