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Untold Riches. Time flies, as the saying goes, but it's still hard to believe that Space Gallery is already celebrating five years in business. Its fifth-anniversary show, Untold Riches, is currently on display; organized by Space owner Michael Burnett, the exhibit brings together Hanne Linde, Mary Cay and Ryan Anderson, each of whom work in distinctive styles. Linde is an established painter in her native Denmark and a veteran of scores of exhibits, but this outing is her Denver premiere. Her richly hued organic abstracts look right at home here and make the point that all kinds of contemporary currents are international. Cay, who lives in Denver, does conceptual ceramics, such as the gold-luster porcelain zeroes and commas on the wall. The true star of the show is Ryan Anderson, who is all but unknown, though that's likely to change, considering these pieces at Space. Anderson uses metallic automotive finishes to create utterly luxurious post-minimal paintings that are downright spectacular. Through April 9 at Space Gallery, 765 Santa Fe Drive, 720-904-1088.

Will Boys Be Boys? In her recent programming at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art, director Cydney Payton has really tried to push some buttons. Last fall the topic at hand was drug use; now, for the second half of the current season, it's the life of teenage boys, in Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art. Looking at art about teenage boys could make viewers uncomfortable, especially in the case of those pieces in which kids are acting like grownups by drinking, doing drugs and becoming sexual. That last part is particularly edgy, since it brings in the dark specter of the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The provocative exhibit, which fills both the main floor and the mezzanine at the MCA, is a traveling show put together by Shamim Momin, an associate curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Momin selected pieces in an array of mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation and video, by such artists as Larry Clark, Collier Schorr, Chloe Piene and many others. Through April 17 at the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver, 1275 19th Street, 303-298-7554.

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