The Beatdown

Trevor Pryce delivers hits on the field -- and off, with Outlook Music.

"I never been a guy who enjoys concerts," he continues. "I'm too impatient. You know how you have a record, and there's six songs that you just really love, and there's two songs that you just don't like. When you see a group live, they hold you hostage and make you listen to the two songs you don't like. I wish I could fast- forward their ass. That's why I don't go to concerts. And that leads to the reason why I don't have any Denver bands on my label right now. One reason: I don't have any of their CDs."

Before Denver bands flood him with material, they should know that Pryce, whose full-time gig is ace defensive end for the Denver Broncos, has his hands full with 33Hz and Outlook's two other acts, Daphne Loves Derby and Stiffed, as well as his own music; he recently signed a deal with Astralwerks, which will release a record from his Rap Is Dead project later this year. Still, submissions are definitely welcome via snail mail (no phone calls, please) to the attention of Torrey Demps at Outlook Music Co., 1037-B Broadway, Mootown 80203.

Upbeats and beatdowns: Members have pulled the plug on Sixteen Horsepower, because "an accumulation of differences, mostly political and spiritual, separates us today and prevents us from honestly going any further," according to an announcement sent out late last week. Bummer. But both of the outfit's offshoots, Lilium and Wovenhand, will remain active.

The Late Jack Redell and Jude Avers, who received nods as Best Singer/Songwriter in our annual Best of Denver issues in 2004 and 2005, respectively, are both moving on. Redell is returning to his home base in Cincinnati, and Avers will likely land in Virginia. A farewell show featuring Redell, Avers, the Reals, Joshua Novak and Born in the Flood is slated for Friday, May 6, at the Soiled Dove.

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