Off Limits

No Balls

Q: How did the Camera get the idea that hugs were banned?

A: On Wednesday, [assistant principal] Becky Escamilla visited sixth-grade classes to discuss the number of tardies to class they are experiencing at the sixth-grade level. During the discussion, several reasons for arriving late to class were brought forward, including lingering at lockers, walking each other to class, horseplay and long goodbye hugs.

Q: So you decided to pick on hugs? Why not ban horseplay? We all know what that can lead to.

Actor Wes Bentley got Game.
Actor Wes Bentley got Game.
God gives a sign in Focus on the Family country.
Susan Goldstein
God gives a sign in Focus on the Family country.

A: We want to make it clear that there has been no new policy surrounding hugging at Centennial Middle School.

Q: So there was an existing policy.

A: We DO NOT have a no-hugging rule or policy.

Q: Okay, okay, so what happened?

A: Many sixth graders picked up on the hug portion of the conversation and began to spread a rumor that Centennial was banning hugs. In the lunchroom on Thursday, students began to sign a petition they called "Hugs, not Drugs."

Q: You blame the students?

A: We are a school that focuses on high academic standards; we take actions to support our staff and take pride in having a quality school program. Addressing spring behavioral expectations with our students is something we will continue to do.

Q: So you're not a bunch of anti-red-blooded American hippie freaks up there?

A: Thank you for your continued support of Centennial.

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