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7th Hell

This philosophy never would have flown in 1976, when Channel 7 ceded its ratings crown, and it may not guarantee that Brown will succeed when so many before him have failed. Digging out of a hole nearly three decades deep is going to take one hell of a shovel.

Blogging 101: Rocky Mountain News editor/ publisher/president John Temple has become a blogger; his musings can be accessed at http:// But in the month since taking up this cyber-cudgel, Temple has already miffed one reader and handed ammunition to a Rocky critic by posting e-mails he received without getting permission from their authors.

On April 21, Temple put up an online roundelay involving the Denver Post's John Aloysius Farrell and the Rocky's Vince Carroll and Dave Kopel because he didn't consider the exchanges, which dealt what he called "an important topic, the quality of their work," to be personal -- a judgment arrived at unilaterally. Representing the opposite view was the Post's Michael Booth, who reacted to the item with a note stating, "I think it's fair for your correspondents to know there is no such thing as a personal discussion in e-mails." As for Lisa Jones, a local fundraiser with a blog,, that frequently excoriates the Rocky's editorial page, she disparaged Temple's actions regarding the Farrell matter as "sneaky-slimy" in an essay titled "Temple of Pettiness." Another reader was upset that Temple had posted an e-mail she'd sent, too, and criticized his decision in a subsequent missive. Temple countered by publishing both notes (one for the second time) above a defense of his actions that declared, "I would do the same again."

General manager Darrell Brown hopes 7 is a lucky 
James Glader
General manager Darrell Brown hopes 7 is a lucky number.

Elaborating on this point, Temple says, "In the Internet world, if you send an e-mail to someone, you should assume it could end up in all kinds of places. That's the way of the new world. So I've gone to the theory that everything's public." In his opinion, calling him vindictive for posting the aforementioned reader's e-mail twice despite her objection makes no sense, since "nothing was marked confidential" and "it was all negative to me."

Jones doesn't buy this argument, but in an e-mail, she gives Temple credit "for taking a risk and putting himself out there on his blog. Inadvertently making an ass of yourself online can help you develop humility."

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