The Beatdown

Mootown's most sacred cow still has plenty of choice cuts.

Mohr is comfortable with where the band is right now, with being able to fill a couple thousand seats everywhere it goes. And while Crimes of Passion didn't do nearly as well as Sister Sweetly's million and a half units, it was the trio's strongest record to date.

"I can't analyze success based upon numbers of units," says Mohr. "We'd all love to have another successful record. But it's more important to be a successful band and have successful music. Hopefully, our stars will be aligned at some point. But it definitely isn't a litmus, in my opinion, to how successful we are."

Words to live by from one of Mootown's most sacred cattle. And for struggling musicians who dream of reaching the level that Mohr and company have attained, he offers more words of wisdom: "My advice is to just focus on your craft, songwriting, being a great band, focus on the relationship with your audience and building momentum in those areas, being less concerned with getting signed -- you know, getting on the radio, that sort of thing. That's really the recipe for being a long-term band."

Mohr should know; he's already outlasted three music editors at this fishwrap alone.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm pissing in the wind," he says with a laugh. "But as my career moves forward, it's really encouraging to see the fans still engaged. And as long as I don't have to get a day job, I'm doing all right."

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