How to Survive... SummerWith No Vacation Days

Keep that tan -- on your boss's dime.

Bring back the three-martini lunch.

When you're on vacation, it's always beer-thirty. But in the office? Swilling sangria at 9 a.m. status meetings will get you more than a few disapproving looks. (Unless, of course, you work in advertising, in which case it'll get you promoted.) But don't be disheartened: The work week is laced with prime opportunities once you know where to look. Ideal occasions include: office birthday parties, holiday-weekend kickoffs, going-away parties, welcome-aboard parties, retirement parties, baby showers and Friday-afternoon client meetings. Can't leave the front desk? Argonaut (700 East Colfax Avenue, 303-831-7788) delivers. Cocktail, anyone?

Take a lunch-hour adventure.

Ethan Wenberg

When a day in the office is "one adventure after another," it's not such a good thing. But when a vacation is, well, that's the stuff of which memories are made. Re-create that excitement just minutes from your cubicle. Head over to REI (1416 Platte Street, 303-756-3100) to test-paddle a kayak; prove your skills at the Denver Skatepark (2205 19th Street); or rent a bike at the Bicycle Doctor (860 Broadway, 303-831-7228) and cruise down the Cherry Creek Bike Path. If you've got a longer break, get on I-25 and cruise up to ROCK'n & JAM'n (9499 North Washington Street, Thornton, 303-254-6299) for a lunchtime climb.

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