Letters to the Editor

From the week of June 9, 2005

It's a shame that our tax dollars are being wasted on politically motivated, victimless crimes when we have terrorists threatening to destroy more buildings, the water supply, etc. It's sad, but some cops just can't catch real bad guys.

Tom Lahey

The Ride Stuff

Go to the head of the class: Regarding Jared Jacang Maher's "Ticket to Ride," in the May 26 issue:

Here in Carbondale, where the bowls are definitely awesome, and in Aspen, which is equally gnarly, helmets are accepted without question by the real skateboarders -- who are also the real snowboarders. The enforcement level for helmets goes down as the users get used to the helmets, and they advance skills they can achieve, and riders realize that they can actually think to protest because they wear helmets. To not wear a helmet on concrete at the speeds these skaters go is stupid, in a word -- or brain-damaged, perhaps?

Take a look at the helmets of real riders, if you want to know why. No helmet = poser.

Kath Goudy

Goodbye, Columbus

Ward of the state: Lately, Westword and its various contributors have intellectualized two points to the extreme, most recently in Adam Cayton-Holland's June 2 What's So Funny?

They are: 1) Columbus Day (or, the day we hate a guy for making a mistake); and 2) Ward "doesn't everybody lie on job applications?" Churchill. Columbus was some "dago" who misjudged geography 500-plus years ago and ran into North America on his way to China. I doubt like hell that he ever murdered any indigenous people, since he actually "discovered" the East Indies and not the USA. If you're going to hate someone for discovering America, go stone a Norwegian. The Vikings got here first, and some of those dudes were bad!

To all Indian proponents of the Columbus Day/Celebration of Death Day theory: If you're wondering why there was a Jewish Holocaust and not an American Indian Holocaust, remember one fact: The Nazis lost WWII. Only "victors" are allowed to rationalize genocide. If Hitler had won, do you think you would even be aware of what happened at places like Dachau? Our government tends to put the demise of five million Indians into the "Well...you know" category. As you sit there and hate those "white men" for taking the land from the Indians, I will sit here and wait for you to name one country on this planet that wasn't taken from someone else. And yes, many of the vanquished were murdered -- just so the survivors wouldn't forget who was really in charge.

As for Ward Churchill: Get over him, people. He is an absolute waste of questionable DNA. Why do people love losers, liars and con men? Churchill lied about his ancestry and who he is. His education is questionable, at the very least. His military service? His combat missions in Vietnam? Let me explain something to those of you less experienced in the ways of war. Eleven Bravos (light weapons/infantry) might not be intellectual equals to Churchill, but the last thing they will do is go on a Charlie Alpha (combat assault) with an FNG (fucking new guy) truck driver walking point. Churchill's lies are an insult to every real grunt who ever went on patrol. Has any veteran ever come forward and verified Churchill's claims? I think not!

Lastly, my interpretation of "freedom of speech" doesn't include that it is okay to copy stuff at the library and claim it is mine. Of course, I'm not tenured.

Steve R. Fickler
Wheat Ridge

Chimp Off the Old Block

Heavy petting: Regarding Laura Bond's "Primate Directive" in the May 5 issue:

Oh, man. So the same crazy who is heading the charge against entirely legal medical research on primates is the one who instigated the "guardian" status for pet owners in Boulder? Good Lord. Thanks to Rita Anderson, when I lived in Boulder, I was "guardian" to a python, a goldfish and a chameleon.

While I am fond of my pets, I find it rather difficult to think of myself as playing the same role to these cute but unthinking creatures as I would to a foster or adopted child. Sorry, but they're animals. There is a difference between us and them. I would never abuse them, but I sure as hell don't want to be called their parent.

Libi Striegl

Male Call

Rock steady: Word has come to me about "The Simple Life," Jason Heller's May 12 story defending the "Boys Are Stupid" line of apparel. Mr. Heller's reasoning, apparently, is that he finds the men's-rights people, who object to the clothing, a disgusting group of males.

I have in recent years wondered about what exactly has happened to American journalism, with seemingly every major publication in the nation taking on some obvious ax to grind. It is clearly a deterioration of the standards that once ruled the media.

If people like me have to write to people like you about obvious anti-male bias in your reportage, and in order to attempt to justify objections to slogans like "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them," then I suppose there is insufficient rationality in your organization for even common sense to matter. And that doesn't say much for your newspaper, or the ethics of its publisher and editors.

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