Letters to the Editor

From the week of June 9, 2005

Leo Buccellato
Fort Collins

Editor's note: Okay, that's it. Since Jason Heller wrote his 260-word piece on Todd Goldman, the author of Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them, who was coming to town for a May 13 book signing, Westword has been flooded with dozens of e-mails from around the country, calling Heller everything from a "communist" to a "college-inspired idealist" (ow!) to "immature and unprofessional" (okay), and demanding "that he be terminated immediately to help restore faith in your services" (that from a person in Michigan who's likely never experienced our services). For the record, Heller wrote about Goldman's art, not the men's-rights movement; he never suggested that "fathers are asking for special rights in custody of their children." In fact, although Westword reporters have written about the father's-rights movement many times, it's not a topic we'd assign to an entertainment writer. Entertaining though the responses -- e.g., "feminists are akin to the KKK" -- might be.

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