The Beatdown

The Oriental survives yet another management change -- for now.

The theater will reopen on Saturday, September 3, with a Revenge of the Nerds-themed party featuring Mr. Pacman and Mannequin Makeout. LaBarbera is eager to turn the page and get on with the Oriental's next chapter.

"It's business," he concludes. "I made some bad decisions, but I'm moving forward. It's costing some money, but that's life."

Upbeats and beatdowns: Props to the Trampolines, who sold out their CD-release party last week at Red Rocks. According to Jay Ruybal from the Denver Division of Theaters and Arenas, the show was only the second sellout in the history of the Film on the Rocks series, drawing nearly 8,000 people. An exhausted Mark Sundermeier humbly deflected accolades, saying that the featured film -- The Princess Bride -- probably contributed to the large turnout. Maybe so, but it's hard to believe that a record-breaking number of folks would drive to Red Rocks on a Tuesday night just to watch a movie they've probably seen hundreds of times. Either way, nice work, fellas.

Meanwhile, the Fray continues its radio takeover. "Over My Head (Cable Car)" checked in at #18 on Filter magazine's radio chart -- ahead of Bruce Springsteen, the White Stripes, Weezer and U2, among others -- and was the biggest mover of the week at #38 on Media Guide's Triple-A chart, one of the most comprehensive sources for tracking radio airplay. Catch the Fray this Friday, August 12, at Red Rocks, where they share a bill with the Killers, Spoon and Mike Doughty.

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