Off Limits

Going, Going, Gonzo

A: I think he is supremely qualified to be on the court. Unfortunately, the court has a lot of political decisions it makes, and I would want to know what his views are on several issues. I think I would support him, but there are some issues I worry about, primarily civil rights and affirmative action. I think he'll be very similar to Chief Justice Rehnquist in terms of his views.

Q: Do you think that his work with you will sink his nomination?

A: No. If anything, it'll help him.

Q: What about the conservative group Public Advocate of the United States pulling its support?

A: They don't have anywhere to go but him. But the votes Roberts needs are from moderates and liberals. So I would think his helping is one thing that would help him rather than hurt him. Several people I've talked to even say it might have been the White House that leaked that story because they needed support from groups other than conservatives.

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