Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 25, 2005

So, will Gallo's dire premonitions come to pass? Doubtful. No unification of IRL and Champ Car is on the horizon, and stock cars won't replace either. Denver has how many pro football, baseball and hockey games every year? We have one major race: the Champ Car Grand Prix of Denver. It has turned into one of the best races of the fourteen-race series for the Vanderbilt Cup, which originated in 1904.

Dean Thompson

No Kidding

What about Bob? Whenever I read Westword, I say to myself, "Are you kidding me? Now, these are some sick fucks." Well, now I realize that I myself am the sick fuck. It's eleven o'clock on Saturday night and I am writing a letter to the editor -- of Westword, no less. Oh, well, I got laid last night. In any event, I must get to a matter of even less importance.

I was looking forward to attending the Bob Saget show at Comedy Works, which had been written up by Adam Cayton-Holland ("Dirty Danny Tanner," August 11). Naturally, I grew up watching Full House and became intrigued when I saw that sumbitch smoking weed and doin' sluts on HBO. So I'm thinking, "Great, there's my Saturday night. I'll pick up my stoner best friend, we'll smoke two joints, eat some shit, smoke two more, then go see whatshisface."

So there I was, maple-syrup blunt in hand, eating some Wing Stop, when I was informed that Comedy Works is a 21-and-up club. I am nineteen years old. Fuckers. Why am I unable to go see Bob Fuckin' Saget? I saw his ass on HBO. He smokes weed and likes sluts -- I smoke weed and like sluts. I can drive a car and go to war and get five years in prison for beating the shit out of my old baseball coach (trial pending), but I can't watch him talk about drugs and jerking off? Are you fucking kidding me? Because it is not funny. Bob Fuckin' Saget might be funny at a live show. Not that I'll ever find out. By the time I am 21, Bob Fuckin' Saget may dead or in prison. Or maybe he will become more prominent, so he doesn't have to perform at bullshit clubs like Comedy Works.

If the club were to explain its reasoning in a statement, it would go something like this: "We are roody-poo candy asses." That is all.

P.J. Hernandez

Boys Will Be Boys

Beating his drum: In Nathan Dinsdale's August 18 piece on Freekbass, he made the statement, "There's only one person stupid or shrewd enough to make the bass guitar the star of the show -- yes, we're talking about Freekbass." By the use of the conjunction "we're," I am to believe that more than one person at your "newspaper" has forgotten about many popular bands that have had lead men controlling the rhythm section. The two giants that come to mind are Rush and Primus, two of the greatest bands ever to grace my ears. Before you make generalized statements such as "only one person," you may want to have your boss or your mom or somebody proofread your little letters.

M-kay, pumpkin? Now run along and leave the music scene to the professionals.

Matthew Bowman

The other side of the 'street: Oh, how mistaken Sam Chennault is in his August 18 review of Backstreet Boys. Clearly, this guy must have had some kind of traumatic experience with a boy band as a child in order to harbor such malice! The truth of the matter is that the Backstreet Boys brought positive music back to the world in the '90s, when it was otherwise filled with depressing grunge. They made a huge impact on the music world, breaking records and hearts all over the map.

After their taking a well-deserved break, no one expected a return of the mass hysteria that once followed them, including them! They have no delusions of grandeur, and humbly viewed the new album and tour as starting over. And though Never Gone has not broken any sales records, if someone else achieved its numbers, would you call it a failure? In the last year they have completed a stadium tour in Asia, a club tour in the U.S., and are in the middle of a world tour now, all of which were nearly if not sold-out. They may not be the biggest thing out there anymore, but clearly they have been successful with this new album, and that's all they were hoping for.

As for the mass hysteria that they once drew -- has he been to one of their concerts? Believe me, the love is still there as strong as ever. Sam needs to stop generalizing and pigeonholing. Maybe he should go to a show, too -- sounds like he could use a little fun to lighten his cynical mood!

Heather McCulty
Mission Viejo, California

Feel the love: Well, do you think Sam Chennault could have been any meaner or rude? It seems very obvious that he doesn't like the Backstreet Boys, but there are plenty of fans still around who do. The band knew when it took four and a half years between its last album and this one that it would be "starting over," and it doesn't seem to care that the album sales are not as monumental as they once were. The band loves what it is doing, the fans love what it is doing, so back off!

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