Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 25, 2005

Debra Perry
Wichita, Kansas

Red Alert

Peer review: I just read Jason Heller's August 11 writeup on Red Sparrowes, " Well Red," with equal parts amazement and delight. Not because of the writing itself (sorry, Jason), but due to the fact that I feel a shared sense of history with the band. What, I must ask, are the goddamn odds that a non-musician like myself would not only have worked with two of the band's members in the past (Clifford at Boulder Wax Trax, Graham at Tower Tempe), in two different states, but as an added bonus, I worked with the fellow who wrote the damn article at the Denver Trax? Not to mention working with a guy in a band whom Clifford cited as a favorite from the past in Cavity. Music has oft been accused of catering to certain feelings of nostalgia, but this is absurd.

Needless to say, I'm quite pleased for the success of everyone involved. Who said a lifetime of working in record stores doesn't have its (minor) rewards?

J.D. Geddes
via the Internet

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