The Pioneers

A gamble helped the rebirth of Colfax

For now, he's waiting and watching for the Denver City Council to approve the Main Street Zoning proposal. The neighbors are watching him just as closely, waiting to see if his buildings match the vision they spent three years creating.

"You know," says Buchanan, who put his school-board campaign headquarters in Chamberlain Heights, "there are places along Colfax that, if you kind of squint, it's cool. If you squint, there are places that could be Larimer Square. Granted, that takes some special goggles, but the bones are there. Add to that, Colfax is surrounded by our city's greatest density, and the tough part is done; it's just a matter of uncapping that potential. We've seen it work. We're at a tipping point. Absolutely, the time is right."

Hold the rats.

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