Letters to the Editor

From the week of September 22, 2005

There's a new building on the grounds of the Court House, a huge structure mostly devoted to swimming pools and gyms. It was named for Douglas Buck because his family gave a million dollars toward its construction. The seniors meet in this new building, but it certainly isn't what we had in the former medical building. My hope is that Douglas Buck and Eugene Sternberg, from their location on the "other side," will decide to haunt the new buildings.

Fortunately, the Law Center at 1901 West Littleton Boulevard is still standing. And the last time I looked, Arapahoe Community College is still there. But who knows for how long?

Mary Penland

Remembrance of things past: I want to thank you for Michael Paglia's warm and appreciative tribute to Eugene and his work, along with that of Jane Silverstein Ries, in the September 1 Westword. It was totally unexpected. In this forward-looking culture, little media time or space is normally devoted to the contributions of those who have passed away.

Eugene put so much passion and energy into his architectural and planning projects. It is very satisfying to me and to my family that someone as young as Michael, and as knowledgeable about architecture and the arts, could perceive that aspect of him, even though he met him only in his advanced years.

Barbara E. Sternberg

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