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Substance makes a temporary return to the airwaves.

Likewise, average folks should realize that going into court against adversaries with infinitely deeper pockets is an enormous gamble. Had Beteille paid the $4,400 he initially owed, he would have been in a much-improved legal position if K&H had subsequently failed to make the windows function. Instead he stuck to his guns, and they backfired in a big way. "I may have to declare bankruptcy," he allows. "I may have to surrender my home to the mortgage company."

He has no intention of relinquishing his loathing for the Troubleshooter, however. "It's quite telling that Tom Martino would like to rub my face in it, especially in light of his admission about K&H Windows' five-figure payments to him," Beteille maintains. "Tom's not much of a consumer advocate when it comes to my case." In his view, "Calling K&H Windows was the second biggest financial mistake of my life. Trusting Tom Martino was the first."

Dis connection: Like Beteille, Rocky editor/publisher/president John Temple is an active blogger whose online musings, accessible via the paper's website, have sometimes had unanticipated consequences. That was certainly true of his September 7 offering, "Former Rocky Writer Winning Accolades." In it, Temple lauded J.R. Moehringer, author of a much-hyped memoir titled The Tender Bar, who worked at the Rocky from 1990 to 1994. "He gave pleasure to many readers with his storytelling skills and was a pleasure to work with," Temple enthused.

Typical, right? Yet Temple's eagerness to bask in Moehringer's glow received harsh censure from a gaggle of commentators who implied that they'd once been on the Rocky payroll. "John, this entry on your blog makes me want to throw up," wrote a person identified as Former Reporter. "Perhaps you don't remember how rude you were to J.R. when he was leaving, or how you were so stupid that you wouldn't hire him back when he sought to return to Denver. For you to jump on the J.R. bandwagon now or claim any credit for his success is just disgusting." GW Lawrence remarked, "Funny how the editor has to ride the coattails of a reporter," while Call Me Dave chimed in with, "How many of your current and former employees detest you? Shouldn't that be a wake-up call for your conscience?"

When interpreting these slams, remember that sour grapes grow wild on the web. Even so, here's an anecdote worth considering. At his Tattered Cover book signing on September 14, Moehringer offered kudos to a gaggle of Rocky colleagues, Marty Meitus and Joe Rassenfoss among them, but neglected to salute Temple.

Bar none.

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