To Market, To Market

Head for Whole Foods.

Oliver's recently moved to new digs down the street, at 1718 East Sixth Avenue. In the old store, there was plenty of room for dry goods and canned goods, pastas and cheeses. But now Oliver's has a lot less space, so it's concentrating on custom butchery, steaks, chops and deli meats. Which is fine with me, because that's what they do best, anyway. When I stopped in last week, the aged steaks in the butcher's cases looked lovely, dark, nut-colored and marbled with veins of pure, white fat, the fresh-cut chops and loins gleaming purply-red. And Oliver's now has a lot of their machinery -- the bandsaws, slicers and cutting tables -- right out behind the counter, so you can watch the butchers while they work.

I bought a tub of mozzarella, so fresh it was almost like eating a handful of butter (but without the guilt of actually eating a handful of butter), some of that prosciutto sliced thin as a dream, and a half-pound of Genoa salami, all of which I ate in Oliver's large parking lot -- a rarity along Sixth, and one of the benefits that came with the move. Which means that Oliver's is now missing only one thing: a round-the-clock schedule. I wonder what it would take to convince them to stay open all night?

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Whole Foods Market South Glenn

6853 S. York St.
Centennial, CO 80122

Category: Retail

Region: Southeast Denver Suburbs

Sadly, Glazed and Confuzed isn't open at all anymore. The doughnut shop opened by restaurant rookie Elliott Vigil at 110 16th Street closed a few weeks ago without warning. C'est la guerre.

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