Flick or Treat

Local filmmakers bust out the guts and gore for Halloween.

Spooks and Kooks
Revo fights the power with its own fall ball.
SAT, 10/29

The revolution isn't dead -- it's just on hiatus. Revoluciones Collective Art Space closed the doors on its expansive warehouse location earlier this year, but members of the cooperative are working hard to revitalize the organization.

"We pioneered a lot of things in the local art scene," says Seema Pandya, one of the owners and curators of Revo. "Now it's time for the next wave."

To help fund a new space and finance yet-to-be-announced endeavors, Revo is hosting a costume ball and benefit tonight at 7 p.m. at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street. Dubbed the Samhuine Festival after the pagan celebration of the return of autumn, the event will feature eclectic and electronic-heavy performances by Orbit Service, Orwellian Math Project and George & Caplin. As an added treat, performance troupe Odam Fei Mud will put on what Pandya calls "samurai Gwar theater."

Look for giveaways from local businesses and new merchandise from the Revo folks. Seven bones is the monetary sacrifice; more information can be dug up at www.revoluciones.com. -- Tuyet Nguyen

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