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El Sol Que T Eres. For this ambitious production, Su Teatro artistic director Anthony J. Garcia has transposed the story of Orpheus and Eurydice to modern-day Mexico, intertwining it with contemporary politics and elements of Aztec myth and adding music by composer Daniel Valdez. It's a fascinating concept, and parts of it work well, but there are also sections that seem flat or obvious. Here, the Lord of the Underworld becomes an evil drug lord named Narciso, and hell itself his lair. Into Narciso's den stumbles a gaggle of young North American women, students on some kind of field trip, and among them is the beautiful Chicana Rudi. Rudi falls in love with Orfeo, but Narciso interrupts their wedding and steals away the bride, and Orfeo must go to the underworld to retrieve her. The visual and mythic aspects of this production are the ones that work best. Presented by Su Teatro through November 6, King Center, Auraria campus, 303-296-0219, Reviewed October 13.

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