Toke of the Town

Denver voters just say yes.

Stephanie Kleinman now lives in Arkansas with her husband and just had baby boy, Westley. "We had the bris last week," Huttner reports. "It was the first hometown bris in Hot Springs in over ten years." Huttner had another reason to celebrate last week, too: the passage of Referendum C, which his progressive group had heavily promoted. "In the last month or so, we really pushed it out there," he says. "Every little podcast and e-mail helped."

But enough about politics. What about his own bar mitzvah? "I was the middle child," Huttner says. "I had a $20-an-hour magicianŠ"

Now, that's what we call rolling papers.
Now, that's what we call rolling papers.

Last year, Adam Hall and his best friend, Ramsey Brookhart, a Boulder high school teacher, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest moonwalk in an hour by sliding across the Golden Gate Bridge (Off Limits, September 9). On November 13, they'll relay moonwalk the ten miles between Louisville and Boulder to promote their nonprofit,, which pushes renewable energy in schools -- and to break their own record. Glittery white glove optional.

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