Flow Boys

It's a jet-set life for these college dropouts.

"Our goal is to cover a lot of different industries and have a lot of different successful companies," McFarlane says.

But their biggest endeavor to date was purchasing Flow Lounge and Nova in October. Lynn and McFarlane originally wanted to buy and gut the entire Luna Hotel to build condos, but owner John Hamilton wasn't interested. Instead he sold them the bar and restaurant, despite six letters of intent from other hungry entrepreneurs, because he thought they were the right guys to turn the place around. Early next year, McFarlane and Lynn plan to rename and redecorate Flow, remodel the cafe space to become a late-night Asian noodle bar with cafeteria-style seating, and revamp the basement to make it "the most exclusive, elegant nightlife experience in LoDo." However, their plan to "revolutionize" Denver's nightlife is on hold until they finish transferring the bar's liquor license to their names.

"It's not just to own a bar with a $25,000-a-month payout," McFarlane says. "We want to start a concept that, if it works, we can take it nationwide and make it huge -- compete on a larger scale, franchise it and create a corporation out of it."

Geoff McFarlane (left) and Mark Lynn got Flow.
Mark Manger
Geoff McFarlane (left) and Mark Lynn got Flow.

After lunch, as they head back to their office at 1575 Boulder Street, they spy a young girl hula-hooping on 15th Street. They honk and holler like a couple of college boys cruising for hot girls.

All in a day's work.

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