In the Process

A pair of Springs-bred MCs get their Deux.

The networking paid off. With the help of the Procussions, Landers and Johnson met the L.A. Symphony, an acclaimed L.A. hip-hop ensemble that offered up its studio for recording. Landers, meanwhile, had begun to supplement his income by deejaying at area clubs; that's how he met childhood hero and West Coast icon DJ Rectangle, who later recruited Johnson to tour with him. By then, the two also counted the likes of DJ Quik and members of Ugly Duckling among their friends and had appeared on Sway and King Tech's highly influential Wake Up Show.

Before long, Landers and Johnson were able to ditch the day gigs and make a living with Deux Process, now bolstered by the addition of DJ Shawn Wilson, aka Shawn Dub, a Long Beach native and a fan of the act. Their dream had come true in California.

Although DonnieBo, the head of A&R at Avatar, reportedly discovered Deux Process through its profile, Landers still considers the move to the West Coast critical to its success. "It happened on the Internet because of the shows we had," he insists. "A lot of the people who were on our myspace page were going to our shows. As the buzz in that community circled, it's because we were out here doing shows nightly. It was still us out hustling and grinding to really get noticed."

And never giving up on the dream.

"It sounds corny," he concludes, "but we would have rather died than failed. That's just how much we believed in ourselves and were determined."

Catch Deux Process at the Snake Pit on Saturday, December 17.

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