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Woody Paige is in a New York state of mind.

Napier says she was so traumatized by the experience of working for Sallo that she decided to leave Colorado; she's presently living in Texas. Nevertheless, she's moving forward on the legal front because "I don't want another woman to go through what I went through." The matter could grow to include others. According to Stephanie Struble, Napier's lawyer, "We filed on behalf of a class, so it could include additional women who have been similarly discriminated against."

Attorney Matt Finberg, speaking for Sallo, declined to comment about the case.

The buddy plan: In September, Cincinnati's E.W. Scripps, owner of the Boulder Daily Camera (and the Rocky Mountain News), announced that it had purchased the Colorado Daily, a free, previously independent daily. Afterward, neither side did much talking about the future, but speculation was rife that the Camera would soon cease daily publication of dirt, a youth-oriented spinoff that tried to cut into the Daily's market share, and the Daily would drop home delivery of its Sunday edition, which had been launched in March 2005 to compete with the Camera.

Woody Paige keeps on rolling.
Brett Amole
Woody Paige keeps on rolling.

Bingo and bingo. On December 22, dirt officially becomes a weekly, and Camera publisher Greg Anderson is forthright about why. "After the acquisition of the Colorado Daily, we didn't need two daily youth-oriented products," he says.

Daily editor/publisher Randy Miller isn't nearly as garrulous when it comes to describing why Sunday home delivery abruptly ended last month. An article in the Daily made the laughable claim that the change to "single-copy distribution at retail locations and newspaper boxes" was made because "you've had time to become familiar with the paper." In an attempt to get at the actual truth, I contacted Miller via e-mail, and in a reply that he declared was off the record only after I informed him that I considered it to be otherwise, he wrote that it doesn't "make sense for me to do interviews with you." His rationale? Instead of publishing everything he wanted me to print, "You simply used my quotes to verify your reporting efforts."

Egad! He's right! I've never felt so ashamed in my life.

Fun in the sun: KOA yakker and ex-gunnery sergeant Bob Newman expects to begin 2006 with a bang. "I have been formally approved for embed with my combat alma mater, the 2nd Marine Division, from approximately 6 to 14 January, based in or around Fallujah," Newman notes in an e-mail. He concludes with "Semper Fi and, if I recall my Henry V correctly, 'Once more unto the breach.'"

Happy New Year to you, too.

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