Ghost Story

Matt Bellinger left Planes Mistaken for Stars to follow his heart in Ghost Buffalo.

The minor misinterpretation, however, ended up being a stroke of luck for the members of Ghost Buffalo. Cheaper than a classified ad, the free press led to an e-mail from a fan looking to fill the vacant slot left by Ricketts. What they got was a wide-eyed kid who essentially Ringo-ed the band. Right after Thomas picked up the sticks, Ghost Buffalo signed a deal with local label Suburban Home Records, shot a music video for the song "Hell Here" with Minneapolis-based director Justin Staggs, and is now gearing up for a national tour.

"We auditioned Andy, and it's been synchronicity since then," Bellinger notes. "He got to have everything pretty smooth after us doing a lot of legwork, but we're stoked. If he hadn't come in, I don't know what we'd be doing right now. He went part-time at his job, where he was making twenty dollars an hour just to be in our band."

Now that everything's coming up roses for Ghost Buffalo, the players are mostly speechless and can only describe the recent momentum in one word: "awesome." The act is finally on track, as daunting as that may seem.

The waiting is over for Ghost Buffalo, which is finally 
free to roam.
The waiting is over for Ghost Buffalo, which is finally free to roam.


With Red Cloud West, Big Timber and Handsome Bobby, 8 p.m. Saturday, February 4, Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer Street, $7, 303-291-1007

"It was a lot of waiting and wondering what we were going to do," says Coyle, "but there's been a lot of optimism, too. Now we want to take this as far as we possibly can. If it burns up, it burns up. Fuck it."

For a band that built its first record on heartbreak, a bit of agitation in the now-calm waters might be welcome. Good times can't last forever, and it's a wonder to see how the theme of the next record will flesh out. "It will be curious to see what happens musically now that we don't have that struggle going on between us," Bellinger says.

"We still fight," says Litton, "but it's different now. It's normal couple fighting."

As for songwriting fodder, Litton is sure that a blissful relationship won't spell the end of her angst-filled days. There's a world of trouble out there, and she's a magnet for it. "I'll find something else that I hate, don't worry," she jokes. "I'm never happy."

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