Signed, Sealed and Almost Delivered

Rose Hill Drive completes work on its long-awaited debut.

"A first record is monumental," he explains. "And I think a lot of times bands will make a first record prematurely. To me, that's often a mistake. But the greatest thing of all about waiting is that they have established who they are as a band. And they did that on their own, without interference from anyone. We could've signed a major-label deal when we had the opportunity, but it just didn't feel right. So we removed ourselves from that situation to do this on our own and got out on the road, where they could develop as a band, develop the sound, develop who the guys are, develop the way they think about things. And their experiences out there have really led to what I feel is an incredible book. This recording is a storybook of their lives, and it unfolds that way when you listen to it. The record is amazing, and we all feel so happy. It was really worth the wait. The guys are just at a place where they were truly ready to make their first record."

Although Schwartz isn't willing to divulge the exact terms of the deal, he maintains that it's right for the band at this stage, and that it's only the beginning.

"To me, getting signed isn't the milestone. The record is the milestone," he says. "Getting signed is awesome, but it's just one little step in a progression."

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