Letters to the Editor

From the week of March 9, 2006

A Word to the Wives

Sexism marks the spot: After reading Luke Turf's "From Denver, With Love," in the March 2 issue, I am shocked by its sexism toward women on both ends of the globe. The story portrays American women as conniving, gold-digging bitches. "American girls are just such a pain in the ass.... There's no difference between straight girls and lesbian girls; you wind up dancing alone because they're all dancing together," says one man. Perhaps if women earned more than 77 cents to a man's dollar, they wouldn't be looking for support from men. As for the lesbian comment, printing quotes like that only serves to help reinforce a culture of homophobia.

The idea that Thai women are supposedly subservient and need a man to dominate them demonstrates the stereotype of the passive Asian woman, which is racist as well as sexist: "All women want to marry Daddy.... If you give her your American Express card and say here, go have fun with it 24/7/365, you have created an American woman."

I know that these quotes are merely a part of the story, and that Westword does not necessarily endorse the viewpoint of its sources. However, the types of articles your paper chooses to print reinforces these oppressive stereotypes. The last three cover stories in Westword have been about a woman's murder, an escort service and a marriage tour. Can't you come up with some story ideas that portray women in a positive light?

Rebecca Pier

Missed America: Luke Turf's article about men seeking wives in Thailand missed a very significant point. He did not address the fact that American men are traveling to countries around the world and bringing home foreign wives in record numbers. While the article seems to imply that only broken-down losers go on these "tours" in search of sex, it doesn't discuss at all the current state of affairs between men and women in this country that is motivating men to marry women from other countries.

The horrible truth is that feminism and the women's liberation movement are the equivalent -- in terms of their destructive impact on America, its culture and, most particularly, its families -- of Nazism and Communism in other parts of the world. While this country has not been destroyed physically as Europe was at the end of World War II, these philosophies have created just as much damage culturally, especially in relation to American men and American women.

The article does not elaborate at all as to why American men are seeking foreign women and are tired of American women. In fact, the reporter didn't do anything as simple as go to one of the local divorce courts and examine the records and behavior of American women. Had he done this, he would have seen that American women are as crude and deceptive as anything he described in his article, and that American courts are not pleasant places for most American men.

Has it ever occurred to you that there might be some basis as to why American men are tired of American women? Has it ever occurred to you that the least desirable women in the world are now American women? Had Luke Turf bothered to check, he would have found that most American women expect substantial amounts of money to be attached to proposals of marriage, not just the few thousand dollars described in his article. Most American women will not consider marriage anymore unless several hundred thousand dollars are at stake, and certainly older American women -- say, past forty -- expect several million dollars to be at their disposal. He conveniently left all this out. The real story here is the simple fact that American women are no longer appropriate mates, wives, mothers or just plain friends for large numbers of American men.

Jerry Bergthold
Castle Rock

Losers on the loose: So the men in Luke Turf's story don't like American women? Maybe that's because American women see them for what they are: chauvinist losers. My sympathies to the women of Thailand.

Jessica Meyer
via the Internet

Thai the knot: Here's raising a tall, cool glass of Singha in honor of Luke Turf. His piece on the romantic pairings of American men with Southeast Asian women was a superbly researched and finely crafted slice of life. His honest and informative portrayal could not have come at a more opportune moment for decent and honest men seeking love in Southeast Asia. It was a refreshing change in a time when dirtbags like Gary Glitter dominate the headlines for going to places like Thailand to sexually abuse underage children.

Timothy P. Gregor

Cattle Call

Bum steer: I very much liked Patricia Calhoun's "Photo Finish" column in the March 2 issue, and particularly the subhead, "Sorry, but Denver has nothing to apologize for."

Now, here's my quibble.

One problem with luring Easterners to our cowtown is that Denver isn't one and never was. During the post-Civil War boom in the cattle industry, the cattlemen came down here from Wyoming to get capital from bankers and to enjoy the delights of the almost-big city, and earlier in the century, cattle drives passed by on the plains, but Denver itself was not a center of the cattle industry or even a major outpost of it.

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