Our undercover critic gets outed.

Hey, even Bond got caught out every once in a while (actually, about once per movie, if I remember correctly). When he was found out, though, he'd be thrown into a tank full of piranhas or strapped to a table with some sort of testicle-splitting laser aimed at Little Jimmy and the Boys. Me? I just get embarrassed in front of a large part of the city and mocked by my boss and co-workers. No big thing. Because I am a thoroughly unremarkable man, a quick dye job, another bad haircut and adding a few pounds will probably take care of the fact that now a dozen-odd more people in town know what I look like.

And I did get a smile out of Broening -- which, all things considered, is no small accomplishment.

Leftovers: Last weekend, Jay Dedrick opened his third Swing Thai location, at 4366 Tennyson Street. He and his crew had been working on the space (a former knickknack retail outlet named Sweet Potato) for about a year, but the work wasn't complete until last Friday, when Dedrick threw a private party for friends and acquaintances that included a blessing of the new spot by seven Thai Buddhist monks.

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Duo Restaurant

2413 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Northwest Denver

"Seven. That's a good number for the monks. A lucky number," Dedrick says, explaining how the monks -- brought in by an employee who attends the local Buddhist temple where these monks are based -- chanted, blessed stuff and did something with a ball of string that I really don't understand. "It's just good energy, good karma for the space," he adds. "You know, anything helps, right?"

The bar's working overtime at McKinner's Pizza Bar, at 2389 West Main Street in Littleton, even if I did refer to it as "McKibber's" in a recent column. McKinner's (two ns, not two bs) is the creation of Christopher McGraw and Keven Kinaschuk, the former GM of the Denver ChopHouse. Both he and McGraw and McGraw's wife worked for the Rock Bottom Brewery chain for years, opening locations all over the country. Now they're settled in a Littleton storefront and doing surprisingly well after just two months. The pizzas are getting excellent reviews, the space is gorgeous -- all hardwood floors, exposed brick, plasma TVs and (no lie) chandeliers. And the jalapeño poppers? Well, let's just say that eventually someone had to do these things right -- and now someone has.

"We are just so stoked," McGraw says. They've been getting return customers every day, have some regulars who eat dinner there every night, and just rolled out a "phase two" menu that includes expanded offerings of salads, sandwiches and desserts. "It's all good in the hood, man," McGraw concludes.

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