Altitude Check

As other pubs fall, 5280 is a mile high and rising.

When Brogan first talked to Potter about joining the 5280 team as executive editor, the latter recalls, "I asked Dan, ŒAre you prepared to get sued?' He looked at me and said, ŒI don't want to get sued. What do you mean?' And I said, ŒI don't want to get sued, either, but the sort of stories I migrate to seem to get mired in legally touchy situations.'" Potter credits Brogan for not immediately showing him the door at that point. He adds that he's turned down job offers from national publications since arriving here, in part because "this is a fertile crescent of great magazine stories that, for whatever reason, New York's not hip to."

Potter understands, however, that 5280 isn't about to toss its style pieces and fashion spreads and turn into the New Yorker of the Rockies. Even as Brogan sings the praises of Potter's portrait of Congressman Bob Beauprez in the February issue, he emphasizes that "Bob Beauprez on the cover is not going to sell. News stories have never sold on the covers of city and regional magazines. So we will always have a foundation of service journalism."

Cara McDonald, Dan Brogan and Maximillian Potter 
of 5280.
Mark Manger
Cara McDonald, Dan Brogan and Maximillian Potter of 5280.

That's good news for grocery shoppers wanting tips on how to become sexier -- but not for the folks at the Denver Newspaper Agency.

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