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From the week of March 30, 2006

Natalie Portman's character supports revolution against a fascist governmentŠin the current regime's climate, no wonder some see it as terrorism. In the eye of the beholder and all that.

Lucinda Gaston

Marry, Marry Quite Contrary

So long, suckers: I read Luke Turf's "From Denver, With Love," in the March 2 issue, about American men flying to Thailand for brides. All I could think was, good riddance! There was a lot of American-woman-bashing from the men who went on the trip, about how American woman are taking the money in the end. How ironic: The men complain about gold-digging, and they are so eager to fork over money up front to a Thai fiancée.

These men aren't looking for a real relationship. With a comment like "She must change for you," these men are looking for a puppet. Thank God American women don't allow this. It would be interesting to see how these men do with their Thai wives in one to five years. My guess is they will have been played, and the Thai wives will be running to get back on the plane rather than put up with their domineering, sexist ways.

I'm proud to be an American woman.

Gwen Taylor

A bitter pill: About those American women. I dreamt I read a history book from the future that described American women as having their behavior altered by the pill. In studies not widely published, the pill has been found to suppress creativity to such a degree that it is virtually eliminated. What do non-creative women want? Things you buy with money, lots of it. New pills on the market, such as Yasmin, actually stress in their advertising how the product does not affect the creative mentality as much as older birth-control pills on the market.

History will probably show us that the way to create a "typical" American woman was to put her on the pill.

J. Scott

Equal time: In regards to Jerry Bergthold's March 9 letter about "the state of the union" between American men and women, please let me respond:

The feeling is mutual.

However, I am waiting for the article that will point me to a new venue to find a decent man to wed! Is there a country or territory that I have overlooked? Can I sign up for a tour group as well? Please let us all know...as soon as possible!

Mary Taylor

It's raining men: The "From Denver, With Love" article instantly caught my attention, and it was quite interesting. I think this is a symptom of a much larger problem here in Denver -- the discouraging male-to-female ratio. There are too many men everywhere you go in this town. At every workplace, every college class, every bar, club, every bus stop, every church, every barbecue, every grocery store, every party, every concert, everywhere you can think of, there are waaaaay too many men. Five men per woman in the twenty-to-thirty-year-old age group seems to be the situation all over the place. Occasionally, you hear actual statistics. I hear there are three men for every woman. I have also heard that there are seven men per woman. I have also heard that for people here in Denver fifty to seventy years old, there are more women than men.

The young women here have too much control. If you don't look like Brad Pitt or you're not rich, they barely notice you.

Anyway, my point is that this would make a great article. Load it up with tons of statistics on the actual male-to-female ratio in Denver. Please include information on age groups, ethnicity, education levels, income levels, hobbies, religions, etc. And finally, where are all the women? You could then find the city(ies) with too many women and have authors there publish the fact that Denver has too many men. Maybe get a dialogue going.

I should point out that I have a girlfriend, and she is wonderful. But she wants kids, and I don't. I'm planning on leaving Denver within the next year or so to go to grad school, and male-to-female ratios is the major factor in this decision.

Greg Williams

Groom service: What, exactly, is "good wife material"? I didn't know women could be placed into such classified windows and then marketed to men who are looking for suitable goods! And, my gosh, who is Richard Beals to make such judgment calls? He must have great insight into what makes a "good wife" if he can screen the appropriate Thai women who will be just perfect for the men on his tour!

Some more sarcasm follows:

Thank goodness Richard "rescued" the ring that Greg so hastily gave the first girl, the woman whom Richard believed to have been a former "bar girl" -- this means she "learned English from selling sex to Western men in bars." After all, the ring was given to her, but alas, she wasn't who Richard deemed to be "good wife material," and therefore the ring had to be retrieved from the unworthy.

This article is appalling. The men who pay money to go on Richard's tour are making a commodity of the women in Thailand. Not only that, but they are representing themselves as American men who are willing to buy a wife! This trafficking has got to stop. It's sickening to think that when these men are fed up with their partner or tired of being lonely, they are supported in their quest to fix the problem through materializing love.

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