Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 6, 2006

The Radio Bums play anything but underground or forward-looking hip-hop, as they have been playing the same criminally oriented music for the past five years (at least). They continually play the same songs over and over, without any regard to new music -- unless it is made by a famous criminal. How many times can we hear 50 Cent's "In the Club"? Can you say tired? The majority of the music they play encourages drug use, drug-dealing, mistreatment of women and any other act that will help you "get yours" without actually getting a legitimate job or education. It may appeal to some of the urban community, but in reality it is just helping to desensitize the community to the regular drug-dealing/use, gang involvement, intolerance and violence that seem to "inspire" almost every song played by KS-107.5. If you take the profanity and references to illegal acts out of this "forward-looking" music, what is left? An instrumental, that's what.

If this is our Best Radio DJ, then I am the President of the United States.

Name withheld on request

What the Hill?: Drew Bixby is clearly a newcomer. There is no "The Hill" in Denver. The only place with "The Hill" is Boulder.

Ah, yes, back in the day you could push your way through the crowd on a Friday night to the sound of street barkers: "Lids," "Hundred Lots," "Grams of Lebanese Blond." Made a high schooler's head spin.

Doug Scott

The plot thickens: Decomposition is one thing, but incorporation is another.

While we appreciate the Best Place to Decompose award, we need to clarify for the sake of the Prairie Arts League's IRS status that the role of that group is to educate, and is totally separate from Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries. The Prairie Arts League may not, and does not, offer grave sites for sale, and never will. In order to fulfill its mission of educating, there was need for research, and unfortunately one of the last items uncovered by the research was the fact that the IRS has a category especially for cemeteries. As soon as that information arrived, Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries incorporated and registered with the State of Colorado; the IRS application will soon be in their hands. And then anyone will be able to buy a grave site from Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries (a 501c13), and the Prairie Arts League (501c3) will continue its mission of arts promotion and education.

Laina Corazon Coit
Prairie Arts League

Trial and error: I can't imagine I'm the first person to write to you about this, but in the Best of Denver issue, there were (at least) two errors.

1) The drawing of the library/new wing of the art museum showed the street running between them as 14th, when in fact it is 13th.

2. The Captain Cook apartments are at 1311, rather than 311, Cook Street.

I read Westword regularly, but given the amount of flak that you all give to the Denver dailies, I was surprised to find that no corrections to your own errors showed up. I may have missed them, of course.

P.S.: This was a good Best Of issue, but the 1986 issue was the best ever.

D.A. Strandberg

A crack in the system: I'm not sure what has happened to your Best of Denver edition. Best Place to Buy Crack? As if the crackheads don't already know -- are you giving the yuppies in suburbia a road map? Your readers used to be able to vote on everything in this edition. Best Place for Drunken Monopoly? Best Place to Role-Play Brokeback Mountain? Please! It's not informative or funny or even good journalism.

Cindi Gardner

Editor's note: That was Best Place to Get Caught on Tape Buying Crack, which is less a tip for crack consumers than a tip of the hat to the Colfax business group that got cameras installed at the corner. And for the record, Westword has never asked readers to vote on every category included in that year's Best of Denver -- our readers' poll always includes about a fifth of the final categories. But D.A. Strandberg is absolutely correct that the Captain Cook Apartments are at 1311 Cook Street. And the illustration accompanying those wonderful essays by Alan Prendergast and Drew Bixby (although definitely a cartoon rather than a piece of cartography) should have shown the street as 13th Avenue, rather than 14th.

Now for the blunders Strandberg missed: The Best Monthly Club Night description for Rockstars Are Dead omitted one of the resident DJs, DJ Wesley Wayne. The Best Band Reunion wasn't: Although the act was advertised as Baldo Rex, it was actually a new band featuring former Baldo leader Ted Thacker. And finally, while LoDo's Bar & Grill is definitely the best place to scribble something witty on the bar- and dining-room walls, where it's even encouraged, graffiti is not welcome in the bathrooms. Our apologies for the errors.

Pizza the Action

So near she can almost taste it: Jason Sheehan and I both got to Denver around the same time, but I left for Atlanta a couple of years ago. That hasn't stopped me from reading his columns, though. Where I used to read for places to try, now I read because I really like his writing, especially the interludes/anecdotes that used to piss people off when he first started (and maybe still do).

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