Psychic Ills

Monday, May 1, hi-dive, 720-570-4500.

Considering indie rock's post-ironic weltanschauung, it's about fucking time a new band came up with a name that actually sounds like its music. New York City's Psychic Ills resembles a head full of chaos in which chemical imbalances clash with hallucinogenic bliss, where OCD-looped drones overlap with closed circuits of psychosis. The group formed four years ago and unleashed a couple of vinyl-only releases of pulsing, chanting ambience soon to be collected on disc under the title Early Violence. Its opus, though, is Dins, a full-length assault with a dreamy weapon that draws inspiration from Can, Black Dice, broken crayons and empty pillboxes. Fresh off a tour with Social Registry labelmates Blood on the Wall, the Ills will be psyching out the hi-dive alongside local acts Colortone Library and Witchdoctor, the latter of which features members of Sparkles and Zombie Zombie. Let's go crazy
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