Peter Knobel, Phone Home

Interesting developments in a developer's background.

But in testimony before the Guyana utilities commission in 1998, GT&T representatives gave no explanation for why Knobel's fees were paid in such a roundabout way, or for the faxed payment-transfer requests from Knobel. "This does not have anything about the sender except 'from Peter Knobel,'" the commission chairman complained. "It doesn't say which Peter Knobel, which company, nothing. Just 'City Bank. 640 Fifth Avenue. N.Y. $500,000.' There is no signature, nothing. And you would just transfer $500,000 like that?"

Tyndall's report concludes: "At the previous hearing, the Chairman referred to Mr. Peter Knobel as a 'phantom gentleman,' presumably because none of GT&T's witnesses seemed to be able to give any significant information on him or the companies with which he was associated."

They must not ski Vail.

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