Letters to the Editor

From the week of May 25, 2006

Blaming Cody is convenient but wrongheaded. In addition to the massive overhunting of buffalo (representing simple power, greed and lust), extermination of the bison was an informal policy of the U.S. government and military commanders. Destroying bison meant destroying Native American communities, and, as such, became a very intentional part of the European "clearing" of the plains.

In all of this, Cody's efforts to save the buffalo from extinction are forgotten. Whereas military generals and unskilled killers were slaughtering buffalo throughout the West, Buffalo Bill was caring for and preserving the same. After all, he was a showman, and the buffalo were among his main attractions. Each year, thirty of these bison traveled with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and he introduced them to the world well before our now-familiar zoos came into fashion.

Had he been responsible for killing some of them for food earlier? Yes. Had his fame grown because a dime novelist found his name to be both courageous and alliterative? Yes. But does he deserve blame for the wholesale destruction of American bison? I think not. His name and his fame make him an easy target for the ignorant masses, but it's really unfortunate when intelligent folks perpetuate the same.

Dave Burrell

Where Has All the Flower Power Gone?

No walk in the park: The people who wrote in about Adam Cayton-Holland's May 4 What's So Funny took themselves way too seriously. So Adam made jokes about Polacks and the VFW? For anyone who's read his column, that's about what you'd expect. And these crybabies missed the whole issue of immigration that Adam was really focusing on.

Still, I'm not going to forgive him for one thing: making fun of hippies. Not if he grew up in Park Hill, as he claims.

Jaymie Myers

Hip, hippie hooray: Hippies' voices changed the social consciousness of the free world regarding racism, sexism, religion and war. Their actions stopped that war, caused regime change in this country and initiated an awareness of how we interact with our environment, which, sadly, is only now bearing fruit. They were the baby boomers, the hippies, and for the past thirty years they have been dormant, quiet, reticent, content in their corporate glass houses and suburban homes. Somehow they morphed into what they most despised -- or perhaps they have just been sleeping, waiting for the right moment to once and for all change the face of this country for the better.

To them I say: If ever there were a time we needed you, it is now. Congress is poised to write discrimination into our Constitution for the very first time. A woman's right to privacy is under a frontal assault, which will mean less privacy for us all, forever. We are in the wrong war at the wrong time, based upon lies. Deficits soar, wages fall, health care only for the rich! Conservatives have rolled back environmental protections in favor of corporate America. A president was appointed rather than elected. We need your help! Where have all of our hippies gone?

Brett Rosenberg

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