It's a Mall World

Denver's strip-mall restaurants explore new territories.

El Mariachi should be ready to roll by Memorial Day weekend, and will be, well, everywhere. "We'll be in Cherry Creek," Morreale promises. "Downtown, Colfax, at the farmers' markets. I want people to be able to flag us down like little kids chasing after the ice cream truck, except it's eleven o'clock at night and they want tacos."

Meanwhile, Yontz and Morreale's newest venture -- Perry's at the All-Inn -- passed its licensing hearing unopposed. That's no small trick for that part of Colfax -- or for that property, a former hot spot for all manner of illicit activity that's already under a nuisance abatement. It helped -- a lot -- that, before the hearing, Morreale was able to get a vote of 66 to 1 in favor of Perry's from representatives of the South City Park and Congress Park neighborhood associations, two groups that usually couldn't come to a near-unanimous agreement on the color of the sky if you spotted them two colors and let the blind ones abstain.

Location Info


Indigo Joe's Sports Pub & Restaurant

6120 Barnes Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Southern Colorado

There's no solid date for the debut of Perry's, but Morreale insists they'd open the place tomorrow if they could.

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