The Raconteurs

Sunday, July 16, Fillmore Auditorium, 303-830-8497.

The Raconteurs have just the White amount of Flash.
Autumn De Wilde
The Raconteurs have just the White amount of Flash.
The Raconteurs have the best website ever. Modeled in the style of the green-screen days of bulky supercomputers, the site ( is 2-bit awesome, with text-heavy simplicity that ditches mouse controls in favor of keyboard-only commands. Nixing the Flash and the glitz, the Raconteurs do it old-school, which seems to be a recurring theme among the tribe of friends-turned-musical-supergroup. Featuring both Jack White and Brendan Benson on guitar and vocals and rounded out with the Greenhornes' rhythm section -- bassist Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler on drums -- the Raconteurs have a stripped-down sound made up of bleak country-rock tones and fuzzy amp distortion. From the opening lines of the act's debut single, "Steady, As She Goes," in which White croons, "Find yourself a girl and settle down/Live a simple life in a quiet town," it's obvious that he's traded in his demigod ego for something a little less ostentatious.
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