Letters to the Editor

From the week of July 13, 2006

We can agree to disagree, but I see Jon Schlegel as a visionary. I actually laughed when my (much smarter) peers predicted a rebirth of the upscale a.m. cafe, but those breakfast tacos wiped that smirk right the fuck off of my face. I thought they rocked. Authentic Mexican hot chocolate. Did Jason try it? Boring is not the word. You could spread that cinnamon-sugar compound butter on my uncle's ass and I'd have to think it over. I think, given the (current) neighborhood, that Snooze promises little but delivers a lot. All I wanted was an alternative to Denny's, and I got some of the most memorable meals of my life.

Greg Fuller

Pearl of Wisdom

Jam bandwagon: So Michael Roberts is not a Pearl Jam fan -- okay (Now Hear This, June 29). But why is it so difficult to see that Ed Vedder has simply evolved -- grown as a human being and as an artist? Ed never left the music industry, as Roberts suggested; rather, it is Roberts who has not been paying attention.

Lisa de Graaf

Steel Yourself

Superman overboard: I strongly disagree with almost everything Robert Wilonsky wrote in his review of Superman Returns ("Recycled Steel," June 29). Brandon Routh blows Christopher Reeve away, not only in physical presence, but as Clark and Superman. Did you not get the spiritual analogies?

Wilonsky sounds like a typical indie-rock cynic.

Carlos Martin

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