Shine On

Jeremy Enigk's Sunny days may be over, but his music is as bright as ever.

The lyrics on the new record seem a little more straightforward. It seems like you put more emphasis on the words than the music, which doesn't seem to be that big of a departure from the Fire Theft and Sunny Day. Was that purposeful?

I think musically this record is really just a culmination of everything I've done. I wrote fun songs, depressing songs, heavier songs and just sort of brought everything that I've ever done together.

Jeremy Enigk, aka rainy day real estate professional.
Mark Swanson
Jeremy Enigk, aka rainy day real estate professional.


7 p.m. Monday, July 31, Bluebird Theater, 3317 East Colfax Avenue, $15, 1-866- 468-7621

In Sunny Day, Dan [Hoerner] was hugely responsible for the lyrics. We would sit down together and write them, but he ultimately brought the style of writing to the band. And with the Fire Theft, I was suddenly left having to write the lyrics myself, and I wanted to be smart about it. So I would sit down and just hit my head against the wall in order to try to say something that was somewhat profound. [On World Waits], really, I wanted to say something for once. Listening to the late John Lennon and how he was so plugged into the political and spiritual worlds -- that was important to me to sort of follow in his footsteps and make an actual literal impact with lyrics, as opposed to it being just about the melody, which it previously was with Sunny Day.

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