Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 3, 2006

Roy Bishop

Sonic Boom

Mystic pieces: Finally! Thank you for such a great review of Fissure Mystic, a kick-ass band (Playlist, July 20). Seriously, these guys are awesome musicians. I love the drummer, Fez; he's a great re-creation of Carlos Santana (back in the Woodstock days). These guys are going places. When Tom Murphy compared the band to Sonic Youth and said how its new CD Rather Ripped is kickin' ass, well, people are going to get curious and want to hear Fissure!

Great review. Rock on, guys!

Gloria Garcia

Mother Earth: Regarding Michael Roberts's review of BaSheBa Earth's Mothership, in the July 20 Playlist:

I really like this album. I picked it up at Twist & Shout. I hope this lady plays somewhere soon. Thanks for reviewing it.

Christoph Theroux

Pulling the plug: I read Michael Roberts's review of Eddie Turner's new CD, The Turner Diaries (Playlist, June 29). Sorry to say, here we go again: Michael, there is no category of Blues called "Electric." It's Urban, Country and Piedmont. For more about the Blues, contact the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. They have the information you want.

Lynn Henderson

Drink Up

Wahoooo: My husband and I regularly read Patrick Osborn's Drunk of the Week column and send it to our son, a West Point grad currently serving in Iraq. (Go Army, beat Air Force!) He enjoys hearing about what is going on here in Denver and looks forward to his own drunken adventures upon his return, hopefully in September.

I wanted to comment on your July 27 article regarding Wahoo's Fish Taco, and David Crosby and Larry Hagman and their liver transplants. Did you know that both of these gentlemen were infected with Hepatitis C, and although alcohol and drugs may have exacerbated their liver damage, Hepatitis C is now the leading cause of liver transplants in the U.S.?

I would like to suggest that you stop by Charlie Brown's on September 15, from 6 to 9 p.m., for a benefit concert to benefit our nonprofit, Hep C Connection.

Kathy Jensen
Hep C Connection

Get the Message?

No whine before its time: Michael Roberts's pathetic obsession with me, my family and my businesses has resulted in a "negative" and "inaccurate" slant. In the June 29 Message, he reports that my national syndication is a "downturn" in my fortunes when, in fact, it will be financially more lucrative. He also fails to mention that my syndication will continue on weekends (my choice). He whines that I should not be involved in business because I am a journalist. And he continually chastises Fox 31 management for not reining me in.

Poor, pathetic Michael. He so desperately wants me to be a journalist so he can have me kicked out of the club. I never professed to be a journalist. I do not call myself a journalist. I am not a journalist. I gather information objectively and report both sides. But I definitely take a stand. I give advice and opinions on a daily basis on radio and TV. People never doubt where I stand. Does he realize that his obsession and disdain for me are clouding his judgment? His whining stories about me are not that interesting. People are beginning to notice that he is obsessed.

Give it a rest, Michael. I have been doing what I do for more than thirty years and better people than you have taken their best shots.

Tom Martino
via the Internet

Editor's note: For Tom Martino's take on recent More Messages blog items -- and why he drops the F-bomb -- go to www.westword.com/blogs/.

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