Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 10, 2006

I had worked for and been friends with Russell for almost seven years, and on May 24 I not only lost my job, but I lost a mentor and one of the closest friends I have ever had. The events and nefarious actions that ensued after his death, originally propagated by people whom I presumed had the family's best interests at heart, led his friends and employees (myself included) to seek the public forum of this very publication. But Jessica Centers's "American Ace," published in the July 13 issue, as well as the letters published in subsequent issues, have compounded the despair of people who have already seen enough pain and grief from their loss. I know that anyone who worked for Russell over the years or bought a great piece of clothing or furniture from him will remember him for the great guy he was, and not for the problems that overcame him. I cannot begin to understand what Russell was going through near the end of his life, nor what his family is going through now. I do know, however, that I did everything that was humanly possible to help my friend when I could. I, along with countless numbers of your readers, will pass 78 South Broadway and 46 Broadway with respect and reverence for Russell Gene Enloe. Philip Snyder

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