Erase Errata

Tuesday, September 5, Rock Island, 303-291-1007.

Erase Errata presently comprises a group of ladies from the Bay Area who take late-'70s punk and amplify it through distorted minimalist effects pedals. The girls push the weird envelope with the occasional lavish on-stage costume and an improv eclecticism that's like a noise-rock disembodiment of Blondie three decades later. Derivative? Possibly. Rehashing disco for today's cool-kid market certainly has a familiar cash-register ring to it. Frankly, though, Erase Errata could give two fucks about what's happening outside its small circle of fellow avant-garde artists and friends. The band -- currently out to push Night Life, its latest on Kill Rock Stars -- will be accompanied by the Gossip and Mika Miko (more female-fronted acts), and with a lineup like that, rock dudes are sure to be confounded by the sudden surge of estrogen in the air.
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