Brief reviews of current shows

PIECES OF ME. Michael Brohman is a sculptor who works in the traditional medium of bronze and refers to the equally traditional representational style. But it's what he refers to that makes so much of his work outrageous. Brohman is quite adept at setting off gag reflexes through his upsetting sculptures. (His hybrids of babies and chickens come to mind.) For his current solo at Pirate, PIECES OF ME, Brohman cast parts of his body and then assembled them -- or would that be disassembled? -- so that the imagery suggests dismemberment. There's that stomach-in-the-throat feeling that I was talking about. In one life-sized piece, the artist is depicted as having been castrated. Yuck. Brohman has also included a group of his "Reliquary" pieces, casts of his head with creepy things -- human teeth with gold fillings or glass eyes, for example -- inside. These objects were owned by people unknown to him, yet he feels the need to make these caskets for their remains, and for that funeral parlor effect, some have been placed on Victorian-style tables. Through September 17, at Pirate: Contemporary Art, 3665 Navajo Street, 303-458-6058.

Selected Prints From ULAE. After being closed for the better part of a year, Robin Rule has finally reopened her gallery. For the grand opening, she's presenting Selected Prints From Universal Limited Art Editions, which showcases works from the famous printmaker. ULAE was established in the 1950s when Larry Rivers and Frank O'Hara contracted to make a collaborative piece; since then, it has worked with many of the most important artists of our time. Founded on Long Island by Tatyana Grosman, a self-taught printer, ULAE is now world-renowned, with the Museum of Modern Art acquiring a piece from each edition. In 1969, Bill Goldston joined ULAE; he took over as director and master printer in 1982, after Grosman's death. Goldston has come to Denver to oversee the installation of this show, which includes work by Lee Bontecou, Chuck Close, Carroll Dunham, Robert Motherwell, Elizabeth Murray, Barnett Newman, James Rosenquist and others from the same lofty league. The exhibit opens with a reception on Friday, September 15, from 6 to 9 p.m.; Goldston will give a gallery talk on Saturday, September 16, at 4 p.m. Through October 21 at Rule Gallery, 227 Broadway, 303-777-9473.

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