Letters to the Editor

From the week of September 14, 2006

Funnier, though, was Adam's article on Rory Vaden, "The Lord of Discipline." I can only imagine that this was a satirical piece. I was almost simultaneously rolling with laughter and writhing in disgust. Rapping with Rory??? I pictured the folks in the office dying as they posted the modeling shot in with his rap on "The Discipline of Rap."

If Rory is Adam's brother, cousin or some sort of young spiritual guru, I take back liking the article. If he repulsed Adam as he repulses me, then I applaud the effort, and find letting him do all the damage to himself with his own words to be remarkably effective. Nothing against public speakers, models or salesmen, but his door-to-door sales/self-righteous mama's boy/Christian-right mentality is hilarious.

In standup comedy, there's nothing funnier than a Bible-thumpin' male model virgin who makes it cool to be disciplined.

Shane Wright

Fraying Nerves

Gnarls in charge: Regarding Dave Herrera's Beatdown, in the August 17 issue:

Dave, you're losing it, man! Talking about Gnarls Barkley being played out and then going on to mention that KOSI hasn't even added the Fray to its rotation is just plain nonsense! Gnarls Barkley can sing. Maybe KOSI doesn't feel the need to put the Fray into its rotation because the Fray is mediocre, at best, and Isaac Slade can't sing, hmmm? When I hear the term "tone deaf," the first thing that comes to mind is the Fray. You must not have seen their live performance video on VH1. It's godawful!

Anyway, keep up the cheerleader antics. I'm sure your boys in the Fray appreciate it.

Brandon Hepplewhite

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