Dark Horse

Band of Horses' rise to prominence has been dramatic.

For Horses' next album, Bridwell is searching his roots for inspiration. He plans to take his bandmates back to his home state of South Carolina in November to do some recording. Although he visits frequently, he hasn't lived in the state for over ten years, and he's looking forward to spending time there again.

"Seattle in the summertime is so wonderful and beautiful," he says. "The coast of Carolina does that in the fall as well, and even the winter is easy to deal with. We've got a house, and the entire downstairs is built for practicing. There's no neighbors. It's at the end of a dirt road."

With the latest lineup solidified and several songs already in the can, Bridwell sounds optimistic, like he's damn glad not to be like the guy in the video, wasting away into adulthood.

Band of Horses is off to the races.
Christopher Wilson
Band of Horses is off to the races.


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"The best is being able to do this right now," he concludes, "without having to have any other kind of job, to be what we are right now -- which is adult babies playing with guitars all day -- and not really worry about too much else while we're still young. Even if it all went away tomorrow, if we can just ride this out for a couple more years, let us keep doing this, pretending that we're children. That'd be fine."

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