Home Run

The Highlands House Concert Series makes its mark.

But as a player, Mark also gets a kick out of hanging with the artists and performing with them from time to time. "On one hand, it's a lot of work," he admits. "On the other, I'm totally spoiled. Usually I'll pick a song or two of the artists' that I get to play with them. From that perspective, I'm completely spoiled. It's just a thrill to get to spend some time with them before the show. A lot of these musicians are traveling musicians, and they'll spend the night. I drive them around and feed them food. I get to know them. So in that respect, I'm completely spoiled."

And so, he hopes, are the acts that perform. "I think the artist can be more intimate with their audience," he explains. "The singer-songwriters can share the stories of the songs they wrote." Although Mark only intended to do six shows a year, he's already put on eight, with the next one set for October 14 and featuring the Boulder Acoustic Society. With the exception of Kenning and John Magnie -- two of Mark's personal faves -- most acts don't perform more than once.

"I shouldn't be saying these things," he says, "because I don't want to disappoint other musicians, but Kraig Kenning and John Magnie, without question, are the most amazing concerts I've had in my house. I mean, I have memories that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life."

I know the feeling.

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