Speak Your Peace

Some very Nobel intentions pay off.

"Peace is hard work," Jody Williams, the 1997 winner for her campaign to ban land mines, told the audience at the Ellie, repeating a line -- a good one -- that she'd already uttered several times. "Peace is not a dove, a rainbow, ŒKumbaya' and bad poetry. Lots of bad poetry."

Peace is hard work. And last weekend, it was even front-page news. Suvanjieff had wondered what it might take to put peace there, and he got his answer: ten Nobels who weren't above acting out with hugs and wisecracks (when they weren't cracking George Bush's head over Guant´namo), and thousands of kids who listened to every word. "We want to commend Ivan and Dawn," Tutu said at the press conference that launched the event. "When they started, people must have said, ŒYou are crazy.' Ten years later, you have done it."

Yes, they have.

"There's only one way to eat an elephant," Tutu concluded Sunday morning. "One piece at a time."

One PeaceJam at a time.

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