Grill of My Dreams

Buenos Aires is an oasis of magical eating.

Until dessert.

The large dessert menu includes simple crème brûlée, and crêpes suzette made with all the attendant pyrotechnics by the little host with his jacket and ready smile, as well as Spanish coffees assembled the same way out of powerful java and brandy and Kahlúa and cream whiskey and whipped heavy cream. And when we each take a bite of a Napoleon of puffed pastry sheets padding out a core of sweet, thickened dulce de leche like the finest caramel in the world, we know we are done in. Somehow, without our noticing, the dining room has done a three-quarter turn around us and is now starting to empty for the night. Lost in our own plates and our own reveries, nothing has intruded, and though we're offered cognacs and espressos and after-dinner cigars, we decline.

The really great outdoors: The patio at Buenos Aires 
Grill is a true garden spot.
Mark Manger
The really great outdoors: The patio at Buenos Aires Grill is a true garden spot.

Location Info


Buenos Aires Grill

2191 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80205-2510

Category: Restaurant > South American

Region: Downtown Denver


2191 Arapahoe Street, 303-296-6709. Hours: 5:30-10 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday; brunch Sunday

Chicken soup: $3
Sweet potato fries: $3
Serrano ham with melon: $6
Sweetbreads: $6
Morcilla: $5
Ravioli: $12
Bacalao: $19

Closed Location

We pay a bill that is less by half than the meal was worth and walk through the beautiful courtyard, under the trees hung with twinkle lights, and out once more onto 22nd, which is now dark and silent as a grave.

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