Letters to the Editor

From the week of September 28, 2006

Larry Sykes

Michael Paglia responds: My point in the August 10 "Civic Circus" was that none of the semi-finalists for the Still museum project were to architecture what Still was to painting -- and that's obviously true. Too bad SANAA and David Chipperfield Architects, the firms Sykes praises, have been eliminated, leaving as finalists Diller Scofidio+Renfro, Ohlhausen DuBois Architects and Allied Works Architects, with the ultimate winner to be announced in November.

Taking a Dirt Nap

Our Daily dread: Michael Roberts's "Togetherness," in the September 7 issue, was a great story -- informative and funny as hell. My favorite line was the dramatic "Prairie Mountaineers seriously considered making dirt a once-a-week feature in the Daily -- the very paper it was created to destroy..."

Thanks for the read.

Dustin Huth

No Cobain, No Gain

X marks the spot: Regarding Tuyet Nguyen's Now Hear This on the Melvins in the September 14 issue:

I am part of Generation X, and among the few Vietnamese who knew about the impact of grunge and Nirvana. Granted, the Melvins' role was very significant, but don't discard Kurt Cobain like he wasn't special, okay? The Melvins never accomplished what Kurt Cobain did in a short period of time. Without Nirvana, there would be no grunge -- no Pearl Jam, no Green Day, no Beck, etc., etc. -- because these guys would never be signed by the major labels.

Look around you. At the present time, music is just horrible: From Beyoncé to Simpson, from bling bling to bling bling? Think about that. As for rock, these bands are so manufactured it makes me ashamed to even listen.

How many musicians were influenced by Kurt Cobain? Countless, and you can't say that about the Melvins. Kurt Cobain was special because he was the whole package: a powerful songwriter, a poet, a fashion icon, the voice of a generation, an artistic genius, a voice for the ages, God's gift to melodies. You can't say that about the Melvins.

Anh Loc
Sanford, Florida

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